- Jobs for cartoonists

Jobs for cartoon and comic artists

You need to find out how to earn money unless are not sindicated artist, ie. you did not sign up an agreement with good cartoon sindicate you have to fight your daily life. You can publish own comic-books yoourself and try to sell them, but it is very rarely you earn enough to pay the rent, etc. So, you have to find out what else you can do and this doing is art related. You need to become a graphic designer, so you need to find a job.

Jobs for Graphic Designers

In order to get this type of job you need to be computer litarate. Many Ad Agencies employ professional cartoon artists due their artistic skills, but very often they want them to do computer work as well. So you need to learn how-to use Photoshop, Corel, Gimp in order to color your drawings, how to retouch them, how to do typicall graphic design projects as logos, icons, photoediting, illustrations, etc. You can go further and learn Flash Animation, this knowledge is required by most of Internet based agencies, Post Action Script will not hurt you either. Another good job (carrier) opportunity is to learn DTP for Windows and Mac, ie. softwares to be learnt: QuarkXpress, Adobe Page Maker, AdobeInDesign.

How to find jobs for graphic designers?

The first thought is Ad Agency. You have to check their carriers' opportunities first, but competition is strong. What else? You need to answer to yourself who needs graphic designers. So they are needed by newspapers, magazines, book publishers (dtp and illustration), tv stations, Internet companies and normal factories (they need packages, labels, sew-in labels, barcodes for their products and someone needs to design them first). You can also end with Tee Shirt business creating new designs or design drawings for baseball cap embroideries. Textile business is huge. Get creative and do not wine you can only draw cartoons and nothing else, the skilled cartoonist can find the job in many industries.

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