- Scanning for Cartoonists


In order to have your comics on your hard drive you need to scan your drawings first. You need to scan your drawing at resolution of 600dpi, otherwise you will have problems with getting your comic book printed. 300 dpi is a minimum for printing, but offset and digital printing requires often 600 dpi. You can adjust many options before the scan is made. Try to make the best scan as you can, it will save your time later.

So, adjust brightness and contrast. Read scanning manual, see what you can actually adjust. If you have black and white drawing do the black and white scan. Later if you want to color it with some software you can just change your picture into CMYK or RGB mode. If you scan color picture, try to make it a bit lighter. You can always darken your picture later.

Before you buy the scanner you need to get some information on:

1. what is a price of your scanner in other shops

2. what is a quality of your scanner, ie. what is a make of your scanner (rather rely on trusted companies), what is real resolution of scanning, see sample scans (ask people from the shop to do it for you, do not rely on companies' leaflets), see if white paper you scanned is white on the computer screen (it might be blue and green, ie. scanner is no good for cartoon scanning), see if a square you scanned looks like a square on the screen, see if the colors are correct, ask your friends;

3. what operating systems are supported;

Scanners - scanning under Linux

Not all scanners work under Linux. In order to get more information see: and where you will find the list of supported scanners. Below you can find scanning under Linux in action, it works perfectly, actually Sane driver is better than Twain from Windows. Sane has got more advanced options. So you can ignore stories that Linux is not for graphic designers.


Scanners - scanning under Windows

Actually most of scanners work under Windows. They are just plug and play devices. So no worries. Read the manual and soon you will become an expert.

Did not find what you wanted. Try to find scanner information with Google