- Software for Painting and DTP

Software for cartoonist should be devided into 2 categories:

1. Painting Software, 2. Software for DTP. Both of them are needed to accomplish strip-cartoon preparation for offset (or digital) printing.

1.Painting Software

These are programms (applications) for pixel graphics. Pixel graphics is better for drawing (painting) than vector one. Afterwards we need to do offset printing and that is why we should forget vector graphics. Painting softwares are used for making up the drawings with graphic tablets or coloring the pictures we have, or do all the processing of our pictures. Thanks to painting softwares we can get rid of stains, errors in lettering. We can fix many things. It is also necessary to have the scanner to implement traditional drawings (made with pencils, inks, etc.) into computer for further processing.

2.DTP software

These are programms (applications) that help us preparation our strip-cartoons, books for offset printing. That is why earlier we used pixel graphics programms (aplications). Offset (and/or Digital) printing and Pixel Graphics match together much better. Nowadays these tools are necessary to have.

Below I want to show a few professionals tools for drawing-painting and for DTP separatelly, and also devided into 2 enviroments, for Windows and for Linux. Softwares that are presented are free of charge or cost not much. You don not have to be rich to work as professionals. FREEWARE and Open Source for ever! And we want to thank all the good people who gave us such tools for free and thanks to them we can do something.

Pixia - Japanese Graphic Software


Pixia - Japanese Graphic Software, created by Isao Maruoka, is one of the best Graphic Softwares in the World and for drawing (painting) using pressure sensitive graphic tablets is the best I have ever seen. It is a photoeditor and painting tool in one. Freeware. For Windows. Pixia - English Edition

Pixia Line Drawing

Don not be misleaded that it is freeware, it is much better than many commerial softwares and much more advanced technically. It is used by Manga Artists and many other Artists from all the world. In Japan it is already a cult software. By counting the downloads we can say that Pixia is used by few millions of users. It has been presented in computer magazines many times scoring many software awards all over the world. You can draw(paint) with this program, color your graphics, actually you can do whatever you want... It is a good photoeditor as well. Pixia contains special features for Cartoonists, for instance Line Drawing. Thanks to this function we draw(paint) not touching the black shape line. That is gorgeous. See the picture on the right side. This software also works with layers, masks, etc... Pixia is also very stable, again one of the stablest graphic softwares in this world. Visit The Official English Website. Download takes about 6 minutes. Pixia - English Edition

Gimp - Photoeditor for Linux, Unix, Mac and Windows


Gimp is probably the most known photoeditor and painting-drawing application for Linux, but not only, there is a version for Windows. Windows version seems to be a bit unstable in my opinion. However under Linux this application is gorgeous. It is very powerful tool for artist, has a bit starnge interface, but after a few hours you get used to it and work is very comfortable. Application is of course free of any charges, license GNU Genaral Public License (GPL). This application is distributed with most Linux distros.Soon I am planning to write an on-line short Gimp Tutorial for new users. In order to get more information vistit - Gimp Official Site.

Scribus - DTP for Linux and Unix


Scribus - is top quality desktop page layout program. It surprizes how easy we can use it. License GNU Genaral Public License (GPL)., but you can support the project financially if you want to. Linuxers like always don not have to spend any money to work professionally. Scribus supports CMYK, that is why we prepair 4 separations for offset printing. We can setup a layout for newspaper, book, comic-strip, whatever using Scribus. I use it myself and I even prefer to do the printing of normal graphics with the help of Scribus. In my opinion it works easier than Gimp. Polish version of this application can be obtained together with Aurox-Linux Distro or download it separattelly from their ftp. However visit Scribus Official Site Scribus is translated to many languages.... Soon I am planning to do a small Scribis Tutorial, but using this application should not cause any problems, it is very simple....

DTP for Windows

Unfortunetelly Windows users are stuck with very expensive software as QuarkXpress and other stuff. They can also use nice software for $30, i.e. Greenstreet Publisher.

Other DTP options -

Providing you want publish for instance a comic book or just a normal book using Digital Printing Facility then will do your DTP job. You just need to set-up your book and save it as PDF. Cool.

Find more software with Google.