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A T-shirt (or tee shirt) is a shirt, with short sleeves and a round neck, sometimes v-neck, put on over the head;

Nowadays it is very fashionable to wear the T-Shirt (tee shirt) with a cartoon print on it. T-Shirts often have popular cartoon animation characters printed on them, though T-Shirts with comix and custom made designs become more and more popular. The T-shirt with the cartoon print may express one's mood for instance, it is no need to say anything and everybody knows what one feels. The T-SHIRT says everything.

T-Shirt with popular cartoon prints

Where to get such T-Shirts? They are sold almost everywhere, from cartoon stores to shopping centers, there are many stores on-line. You just have to visit official website of your favorite cartoon and you will be provided with information where to get the T-Shirt with your favotite design.

T-Shirts with underground comics designs

It is not so easy to get the T-Shirt with comix print. They are not in normal stores. Some of underground comics publishers provide with T-Shirt service as well, but very rarely. They cannot effort so big investments. Again, try official sites and try to order T-Shirts on-line. No success? You can also visit some comix con or festival where many cartoon artists sell their cartoons and T-Shirts.

T-Shirt with custom made designs

These T-Shirts can be bought from independent cartoon artists for instance during Comix Fair, Comix Cons or Festivals. However the coolest is to have unique cartoon T-Shirt with custom made cartoon design. How to do it? Simple. Do you know any cartoonist? If the answer is yes then you can ask him to make a drawing for you which will be printed on your T-Shirt. Many on-line and local T-Shirt shops provide with this service.

What about people who do not know any cartoonists in person? You need to buy a original cartoon drawing from some cartoon artist, in order to find them you need to visits some comix con or festival or try to find them with Google, and get your drawing printed on your T-Shirt in some printing store. Original Cartoon Art can be framed and hanged on your wall, do not waste your cartoon investment. See Original Drawings section in order to know-how to buy and frame your original cartoon.

Did not find what you wanted. Try to find T-Shirts with Google